Yabla – German Movies Online

When I started the second phase in my German journey I was going on Netflix and watching German movies with the subtitles. I was also going to look for dvd movies and what not online. That can be a little expensive when you are buying from overseas.   I did this for some months before I came upon Yabla – and Yabla changed everything.  It makes this process so much easier and takes so much work off of your shoulders.

Positives of Yabla

  • You get language immersion through watching German videos online. But they do all of the work for you and transcribe the videos for you. But not just that. 
  • It’s all native German so you are learning real German not antiquated stuff that you may find in books.
  • All of the videos are subtitled and you can have both English and German subtitles or choose one or the other.
  • You can slow down the videos so that you can hear something that you may have missed if it goes to fast. That allows you to learn at your own pace. 
  • Each video has a dictionary that goes along with it. You can click on the word you don’t understand and an explanation will pop up on the right hand side. It’s all interactive.
  • The videos are all sorted into different categories based on topic and skill level.
  • There is a vocabulary review for the videos.
  • Gives you an eye into German culture.
  • You can get all of this for less than $10 a month – ridiculously cheap.

I like how neat and organized the site is. Things are really easy to find and if I want to learn something specific I can do that too. I love that there is an option for searching for particular words or categories—something that is not available on other language learning platforms.

When I first saw the videos I thought that it would get redundant. I figured that what would end up happening was I would eventually get bored of doing videos. I think the problem with literally anything that I picked up in the past was that I became to set in doing the same thing every day and it turned me off from it.  But there are so many different categories, levels, and types of videos it was never boring.

How Yabla Benefitted Me

Both pleasantly and too my surprise it never became boring. Yabla is like the YouTube of language learning. You can stop the videos whenever you’d like and  pick them back up whenever it is convenient for you.

Look at all of the Categories! Also notice the difficulty levels.

Look at all of the Categories! Also notice the difficulty levels.

I also loved that the videos vary greatly. They have all sorts of stuff on the site. You can watch a comedy video, listen to music and so much more. I love this because it opens my eyes up to so many different aspects of German.  In my opinion learning how to see comedy in a language is the trick to learning a language on a native level. Notice how someone can speak a language but they won’t be able to laugh at the language’s joke.

The vocabulary is not restricted at all. Some topics are very simple and other are advanced but they never talk to you like you’re a baby or child. It’s always content that you can carry with you wherever and not be embarrassed because of it.

How I Used Yabla


Look at all of the interactivity!!

Yabla is really good for visual learners but you will want to take notes and keep track of new things that you are learning.  One of the things that worked well for me was learning sentences and not vocabulary. So for example, if there was a word that I didn’t know I would include the entire sentence.  It is more beneficial to learn sentences than it is just individual words.

So for example someone on a video could say this phrase:
Das schafft ihr doch! -Ihr gewinnt das Spiel heute noch.

So I didn’t know the word schafft but I understood everything else in the sentence. So I clicked on the word and on the right hand side information about the word. It shows me the conjugation and everything. I’ve included a screenshot so that you can see. So once I understand what schafft means I think write down the entire sentence so that I understand the word in context.  You’re never going to just say the word schafft.  You will say it in context so this is what helps.

I Wanna Learn!

If you are interested in checking out their platform they have a lot of example videos you can go through so you can play around and see how you like it. I encourage you to get in there and push yourself to that next level. You won’t regret it, and you will learn so much so quickly!

Visit the Official Yabla Site