Rosetta Stone for German

I have decided to include Rosetta Stone on my site because it is such a popular program. I did not use Rosetta Stone for German but I have used it in the past to learn Spanish so I have a little bit of experience.

Why I Purchased Rosetta Stone

One of the main reasons why I decided to purchase Rosetta Stone at that time it was because of the fact that it teaches you through audio and pictures—something that many language learners know isn’t present in a lot of other programs. So for me, that was really nice even though I don’t struggle to put images to words.

What I Like about Rosetta Stone

Something I like about Rosetta Stone is that the practices can be as long or as short as you want them to be. If you have something to do you can skip out and come back to it whenever you have the time. I also like that Rosetta Stone does not highlight rosetta-germanyour mistakes. That is, Rosetta Stone doesn’t tell you that you submitted the wrong response time and time again. I personally find that to be discouraging. Instead they continue to show your problem word until you actually get it.

Overall Rosetta Stone is just super simple to use and user friendly. Using the software is like playing a game and actually reminds me of how children learn their numbers, colors and about the world around them using websites that specialize in teaching children.

The Rosetta Stone Experience Through My Eyes

I did not order the cd version because I prefer to use the software on my laptop. So I went ahead and got the downloadable version. The software is just as expected. Lots of pictures and vocabulary to learn and you only advance as quickly as you can handle. One of the great things is that the software seems to be tailored to whatever you can handle. So if you are able to remember things quickly then the software quickly becomes more advanced.

What Surprised Me Lately

Rosetta gets a lot of bad press because it used to be super expensive.  Not anymore. Now you can sign up for a 3 month subscription instead of the full year.

The Pros

  • Entire course for $59 (3 month subscription)
  • Flashcard style review.
  • Not overly repetitive.
  • Downloadable software.
  • Great alternative for visual learners or people who aren’t fans of reading boring language books.
  • Access to an online community
  • Games and chat with other people learning the same language
  • Recording section so that you can master pronunciation
  • Visual-heavy main courses
  • Money back guarantee.

The simplicity of Rosetta Stone is what really what makes it different from other learning software. I think that a lot of people think it will make language learning easier because they are using pictures and that isn’t necessarily so.  Learning a language is difficult no matter what and I think that at times Rosetta may give people a feeling that they have learned more than they have. But every bit helps so it isn’t useless. There is definitely a place for this software somewhere on the language learning spectrum. I also feel like if you have a teenager or young kid that wants to learn a language or maybe learning a language is the new family activity, this software is good for that.

The Cons

  • Does not contain as many cultural tidbits as I would like.
  • Doesn’t really get into when to use certain articles and whatnot.
  • Not the best in terms of learning grammar.
  • There isn’t a full dictionary, just words that you have learned

If you are a person who has not had success with learning a language through audio and reading books you may want to give Rosetta Stone a try. Sometimes the problem isn’t that you can’t learn rather that you are a visual learner. And with all of the images it can make that easier for you to make progress.

Visit the Official Rosetta Stone Site