The Pimsleur Approach

Software MP3
Plays on any device You can export to other devices Anything that plays mp3s
Delivery Free shipping 4-7 business days Instant Download
Cost of 30 Lessons $112.00 $89.96
Flash Cards, Interactivity Yes! These can be helpful No. Try making your own!
No. of Lessons 120 lessons 150 lessons
Overall This is good if you like sitting at a computer and like having flashcards and playing games. This option is better because you can be on the go and learn anywhere. Pimsleur is made to be a listen only course so I think this is affordably price for such a helpful course.
My Rating
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I first came across the Pimsleur approach back when we were all lucky enough to have Borders around.  I was interested in learning French and went looking for a course. There was a sample CD at my local library that had like 5 lessons. I was immediately hooked and went out to Borders to see if I could find more.  What I found was a massive amount of Pimsleur courses that covered just about any language you could ever want to learn.  For the first few years of my language learning all I used was Pimsleur and I made some awesome progress.  Pimsleur alone won’t make you fluent but it will give you a great foundation. Pimsleur is a great place to begin building. So let’s go into what exactly makes the program so special.

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A Little Bit of Info about Pimsleur

pimsleur-german-mp3At this time there are currently over 50 languages that you can study with their course. Most of them are 90 day courses. They do have some short term courses that get you started for if you were going on a short vacation or what not. The program has been around for about fifty years and uses the spaced repetition method for learning.   With spaced repetition you hear phrases in spaced intervals that allow for maximum learning potential. So like if you hear something on day 1 you may hear it again 3 days later; and when you do you are better able to retain that info because the brain takes in info better when spaced apart. 

What materials come with Pimsleur?

So Pimsleur prides itself on the claim that it only takes 30 minutes a day. And true  to form their sessions are in 30 min increments. Sometimes you will need to maybe do one twice or three times. You don’t need to get everything on there correct but about 80% is good because you will get that info again as you go through the course. But sometimes with German you may need to hear things twice to really grasp what you are listening to and that is perfectly fine.

So these days you can get your course in a MP3, CD, or software. The CD and MP3 have 5 lessons but the software has 4.  And you can purchase them in 30 day increments. So you don’t have to get all of them at once. You can go at your own pace.  I won’t go into detail on the CDs because in this day and age there is no need to purchase CDs and they are the most costly.  The software has some interactivity that isn’t available on the other two forms but with all of them you get the same lessons.  It just depends if you would like some visuals and interactivity as well. Check out the chart below.

What I Really Liked About It

  • It can be taken with you anywhere if you get the MP3 option.
  • You focus on pronunciation early on. They break down the words for you so that you understand (sidenote: when I did Pimsleur Spanish I was told my accent was great. I would recommend Pimsleur for accent reduction.)
  • Quick 30 minutes Lessons
  • Affordability
  • You get to start speaking right away
  • You won’t have to worry about how you are going to learn German, they hold your hand through it all basically.

The Cons

It was really tough to come up with cons since I feel like this particular course really aligns with my learning style the best. But I did have to say something bad about it’d be this:

  • You will be illiterate – you need to get some materials so that you are able to read the language. Check out Glossika under my product reviews
  • Not speaking at native speed – most natives will speak faster. Use Yabla to take care of that.
  • Can get boring. But you will learn and the words will come naturally to you. Trade off!

Pimsleur is the first program I go to when I want to get started on a language. I always recommend it to others even if they are not learning German in particular. That’s why I wanted to do some reviews on the pimsleur approach. It allows you to have quick progress and it rewards you immediately.  It is definitely one of  the best pieces of software for language learning.  You can check out an example lesson on their site so that you can go through and see how you like it. I guarantee you will be excited at how much you can say after that one lesson.

Visit the Official Pimsleur Site