My Glossika Review

The Method
There are two learning tracks with Glossika. The GMS and the GSR. The GMS is for the person who has a few hours a day to study and really wants to go hard core. It means Glossika Mass Sentences.  By learning these sentences you will get a natural feel for the grammar, for cultural sayings, and natural German speech.

GMS Learning Track GSR Learning Track
Stands for... Glossika Mass Sentences Glossika Sentence Repetition
Type of Learner Hard Core Laid Back
Similar to... Nothing else out there like this! Pimsleur method
Number of Sentences 3,000 3,000
Daily Practice Daily practice of anywhere from 20 to 100 sentences/day 10 NEW Sentences/day + review of past sentences
Fluency Both tracks will lead to fluency. It is just about being consistent and taking the track that works best for you. <-- See that! :)
Overall Use this learning track if you are trying to shove a lot in that brain quickly and want to get as much info as you can. If you have about 30min a day and want to learn at a slower pace take this track.
Visit the Official Glossika Site Visit the Official Glossika Site

So if Pimsleur is the alpha of the audio courses then Glossika is definitely the omega. At least in my eyes.  Never has there been such a direct path to fluency than there is with Glossika.  Now, I don’t want to act like it is perfect – it isn’t. But it is pretty close. And whether or not it is perfect for you depends on a few things.

  • How you learn languages
  • How much German you already know
  • How ‘entertained’ you need to be at this point in your advancement

Enter Glossika -> Visit the Official Glossika Site

Your head exploding with German knowledge after Glossika!

Your head exploding with German knowledge after Glossika!

Okay, let’s get down to it. This program is recommended for beginners but I would also get some more materials to go along with it. In my case I did a month of Pimsleur so that I could get used to the sounds and speaking the language so that I wasn’t too overwhelmed when I started Glossika. I had a little bit of material under my belt so I was ready to go. 


Do Sentences Really Work? What About Grammar?

Cover of Glossika for German.

Cover of Glossika for German.

I remember when I had a German class back in middle school my teacher Frau Berman would  make us translate sentences the entire class every Friday. I hated it so much. But I learned so much as well. I learned how the language forms and what pieces go together. You won’t be necessarily transcribing sentences with Glossika ( you could) but it gives you that same amount of intensity that I had back in middle school that forces your brain to make these connections.  Beacause you will be getting so much input you will start to understand how the grammar works. Things will just ‘sound’ right. Believe me, it happens and it happens organically. That is the best way to learn. Just be patient with yourself and be consistent!

Pros of Glossika

  • You receive three books with 1,000 sentences in each
  • 10 months of language learning content
  • 120+ hours of spaced repetition audio (similar to Pimsleur)
  • Comes with already translated text for the videos and audio. This text is written in an English-form so you can read and pronounce it correctly
  • Starts you off at A1 and gets you to B2 level slowly to keep you challenged
  • IPA phonics shows you exactly what you’re hearing, so you can say it right, right from the start
  • You can work as fast or slow as you want – all paths lead to fluency
  • You have the option to get a physical book and an eBook
  • All for less than $100 – crazy cheap!

Cons of Glossika

It’s sort of tough to think of cons for Glossika but if I had to choose I’d say these things:

  • Not really suited for the beginner language learner
  • Could explain the method a little better in a video or something interactive.
  • It isn’t very entertaining. This is why this is good to do along with the movies and videos as well.

Final Verdict
Let me tell you – I love Glossika. I have already bought the Mandarin, Italian, Arabic, and French versions as well. I think it is one of the greatest tools out there. This is a product not only for people who want to learn a language but also for people who LOVE languages. It feeds into that impossible need that some of us have to learn every language at once. It is definitely something that I would have in my arsenal for language learning. You don’t have to be like me and buy every single language they have, (but you could) just start out with your first language and see how you like it. If you love it like I do then grab everything they have! You won’t be disappointed!

Best Way to Buy
Okay, so they have three different options in order to get your study on:

  • Ebook Package: MP3 + Ebook  – This one is good if you just want the PDF and MP3. You can download it instantly.
  • Pro Package: MP3 + Ebook + Book – If you like to have something in your hands this package offers you an actual book which is great. You can make notes in it and sometimes having something tangible is good.
  • Triangulation: MP3 + Ebook (2-4 languages) – Now this is an awesome deal.  Because they have so many languages available they allow you to get several packages at once. So if you know down the road you want to tackle Arabic and French for example, go ahead and get it now and get in on this deal. All of their languages are up for grabs! Great, great option for those of us that are looking to learn multiple languages.

Visit the Official Glossika Site