Product Reviews

All the tools you need to become proficient in German are listed below. I have also written about Rosetta Stone as a language learning wild card as it is not included below. That is because I didn’t use it for German but I have used it for other languages and I’ve had people email me and ask my thoughts on it. Be sure to check out all of the reviews so that you get an idea of what may work for you. Any one of these products will put you on the right path. And the good part is they are all super affordable, especially for the quality of content that you get.  **Check out my NEW review of Rocket Languages for German**

Language Course Features My Score Check it out!


  • Language immersion with native speakers
  • Interactive subtitles and playback controls
  • Interactive Games and flash cards
  • TV shows, music videos, interviews, and documentaries
    to lessons and original content
  • Mobile ready - available on iOS App
  • Less than $10 a month


  • Carry on simple conversations with a near-native accent
  • Learn informal, past tense, discuss interests,
    business/social activities, shopping, & more.
  • Only 30-minute daily lessons
  • Option of flash cards and multimedia
  • FREE Mobile App
  • FREE Trial lessons


  • 3 books, 3000 sentences, & 10 months of content
  • Gradual progression from A1 to B2 Level
  • Master 4000+ words
  • Scientific audiovisual method
  • Option to order up to 3 different languages for later study
  • FREE example files