Hallo und Wilkommen!

Welcome to my site; I’m so glad to have you here.  I was born in Frankfurt, Germany. I left when I was three so I never got a chance to know the culture and language like I wanted to. My mom is German and my dad is American. They met while my dad was in the military.

Growing up my mom incorporated some cultural things and spoke to me in German as a kid.  As I grew older she never spoke German in the house.  And whenever we visited Germany to see family everything needed translating for me. That got sort of embarrassing as I got older so I decided to do something about it.  I was lucky in that I could call my mom and practice or ask her questions. But you can get the same level if you got a tutor over Skype or using Fiverr.

I was able to become fluent in a pretty short time and I fell in love with the German language, culture, and my people.

I wanted to share my methods with everyone so that you can learn German. It is a super fun language and I hope that you enjoy my site!