Deustchland is beautiful!

Deustchland is beautiful!

That is your first word in the German language – it means welcome! So welcome to what I hope is the last resource that you will ever need in learning German.

I have always been a huge language lover. I have always loved learning new alphabets and learning new languages. I am so all over the place that I can never stick to one long enough to actually master it. So when I was able to master German I figured that maybe more people would want to learn what I did. If I can do it, so can you!

There are many ways to learn German online and my way is just what worked for me. I hope that you find something in my method that may work for you.

What Did I Do?

Most people I know run to language classes and those Teach Yourself books. I’m not against either, I just know that that doesn’t work for someone like myself. I get bored easily and like to switch things up.  So what I did was I started with a listening language course like Pimsleur.  The Pimsleur approach to German teaches you more than to say ‘how are you’ in German or just German words.  It focuses more on German phrases and sentences.  The way that they do it also helps you solidify your pronunciation from the beginning. It was a 90 day course and took 30 min a day.  It took me a little longer than the 90 days because sometimes I skipped days. But after 30 days I added a video element such as Yabla. Then when I felt more comfortable and ready to really bring it home I used an intense learning method called Glossika. It wouldn’t be good to do it out of this order because you want to stay motivated and you can do that if you are slowly improving. But if you do something too difficult to start you will get discouraged.

How Much Did You Study Every Day?

Honestly, when I first started and did the 30 min audio lessons I stuck with that length of time. The consistency compounds. Sometimes I would get up to an hour a day with my other learning tools but I never kept going unless I got lost in the moment or something. That would happen if I was watching a movie or show. But the moment that I was mentally exhausted I would just stop and continue tomorrow. You have to remember that this should be fun.

Isn’t It Hard to Learn as an Adult?

This is such a huge barrier to a lot of people wanting to learn a language. They think that if they aren’t young enough it won’t stick. Well that’s not true. If you think about it it takes kids YEARS to master a language. Like until they are like 6. Adults can achieve fluency much faster because we can discern specific information and learn just that. We can have a very narrow and direct point of view and that makes us learn quicker. All it takes is consistency and making sure that you are relaxed and enjoy yourself.

Now What?

Good question. Well first you should check out my article on the methods of learning first. I used all of them but you may find that you would work better with only one or a combination of two. You never know. Everyone learns so differently so you may opt for another method all together and that is just fine.

Good Luck!